Cryptoasset Analytics Platform

GraphSense is a cryptoasset analytics platform emphasizing full data sovereignty, algorithmic transparency, and scalability. GraphSense is open-source and free. It provides a dashboard for interactive investigations and, more importantly, complete data control for automatizing cryptoasset analytics workflows.

Supported Assets

The GraphSense system design supports UTXO- (e.g., Bitcoin) and account-model (e.g., Ethereum) ledgers. Currently, adapters are available for major cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Zcash, and Ethereum. Additional ledgers can be integrated by implementing a lightweight adapter component.


System Description / White paper

Haslhofer, B., Stütz, R., Romiti, M., & King, R. (2021). GraphSense: A general-purpose cryptoasset analytics platform. Arxiv pre-print. (pdf)

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Scientific Studies

GraphSense has already supported several scientific studies:

Stütz, R., Stockinger, J., Haslhofer, B., Moreno-Sanchez, P., & Maffei, M. (2022). Adoption and actual privacy of decentralized CoinJoin implementations in bitcoin. Proceedings of the 4st ACM conference on advances in financial technologies, AFT 2022, boston, september 19-22, 2022. (pdf)

Kappos, G., Yousaf, H., Stütz, R., Rollet, S., Haslhofer, B., & Meiklejohn, S. (2022). How to peel a million: Validating and expanding bitcoin clusters. 31st USENIX security symposium (USENIX security 22). (pdf)

Romiti, M., Victor, F., Moreno-Sanchez, P., Nordholt, P., Haslhofer, B., & Maffei, M. (2021). Cross-layer deanonymization methods in the lightning protocol. Financial cryptography and data security (FC 2021). (pdf)

Stütz, R., Gaži, P., Haslhofer, B., & Illum, J. (2020). Stake shift in major cryptocurrencies: An empirical study. Financial cryptography and data security (FC 2020). (pdf)

Paquet-Clouston, M., Romiti, M., Haslhofer, B., Charvat, T. Spams meet Cryptocurrencies: Sextortion in the Bitcoin Ecosystem Advances in Financial Technologies, 2019. (pdf)

Romiti, M., Judmayer, A., Zamyatin, A., Haslhofer, B. A Deep Dive into Bitcoin Mining Pools: An Empirical Analysis of Mining Shares. Workshop on the Economics of Information Security, 2019. (pdf)

Paquet-Clouston, M., Haslhofer, B., & Dupont, B. Ransomware payments in the bitcoin ecosystem. Journal of Cybersecurity, 5 (1). (pdf)

Filtz, E., Polleres, A., Karl, R., Haslhofer, B.: Evolution of the Bitcoin Address Graph - An Exploratory Longitudinal Study. International Data Science Conference (DSC 2017), Salzburg, Austria, 2017. (pdf)

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